Our first full day began early! We met at the water taxi at 6:15 AM for our brief ride to Bailey’s Key where we were met by nearly all the dolphins! They whistled and postured and played. It was a great first morning, despite the rain drops. We had a brief introduction to the dolphins, the Key, and the research and peppered Kathleen and Manon with LOTS of questions.

Breakfast was followed by our delayed orientation talk by Jen Keck…

Arrived Safely! One group on time, one very delayed.

First, Happy Mother’s Day!

Second, we arrived in two groups on two different flights. Kathleen, Manon, Kristin, Poppy, Liz, and Marriah came through Miami and arrived on time – it was the first time Kathleen and Manon were 3rd in the immigration line! We actually had to wait for our bags to come out! Richard, Giulia, Katariina, Shereen, Anna, Daniel, and Amalia flew in from Houston and had about a 5+ hour delay … for a variety of reasons. But they all made it safely and in time for a yummy first dinner together.

Travel Home and Trip Summary

Everyone got home safely on Saturday! And, I think everyone took Sunday to rest up … and maybe do some laundry and get caught up on mail and … maybe play with a puppy or other furry family member (I know I did!).
Our program was a success with students learning and….

Got your Green on Today?!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Our last day began well with a great data collection session on the dolphins. They were quieter today than previous days. They perked up as did we after breakfast when we had our encounter and swim. We met Gracie and Alita during the encounters and then got to swim with a dozen dolphins with Poli and her calf making tight passes by us and Sandy, Trixie, and Buzz trying to get us to play with seaweed. After our swim, we…

Two Snorkels and a Fiesta!

We had a Wednesday full of energetic activities! Our day began with a “bright bang” – so to speak! We had a lightning show and thunderstorm/squall pass by between 4 and 5:30 AM. The squall passed in time for us to head over to Bailey’s Key to conduct our surface observations and space use data collection associated with Kathleen’s underwater video data observations. The dolphins seemed…

Off the Deep End

Monday’s data collection was early, but we recorded lots of observations and a good set of space use data. Our morning went well, and we are all getting comfier with the observations and use of the grid, as well as documenting activity levels of the dolphins. After breakfast, we met near the lobby for the shuttle ride to Maya Key …

Travel Preparations!

Packing day is always a long day! Manon and I are traveling to Roatan one day before our group. We have 3 big bags between us, which should cover our needs for 24 days! Three bags = three weeks … right? We look forward to a hopefully smooth flight day tomorrow and to welcoming CSU group 1 on Saturday. …