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If Nietzsche Were a Narwhal: What Animal Intelligence Reveals About Human Stupidity DCP's very own, very smart, very witty Justin Gregg has a new book, released today!

Two New Publications!

We're very excited for two back to back publications from our Bimini, The Bahamas field site! The Partial Merger paper even got the attention of Science and Newsweek! Congrats to first author Nicole and thank you to our other co-authors Richard Connor (@DolphinAlliance) and Gavin Fay (@UMassD) along with support from @FIU.

Welp, we didn’t get a research permit in time for our July ecotour group. Though our disappointment was palpable, we turned our frowns upside down and had an absolute blast with the Sea Crest guests.

First, today: it was a very short session, only 7 minutes long thanks to the horrible underwater visibility and mouthy dolphins. Lenca and Tank were more interested in Kathleen’s fin than swimming with each other or with Rocky. Still, during these two weeks, we collected data during 13 sessions ranging from ~7 -35 minutes long yielding about 6 hours of video data.

The under visibility this morning was terrible! It was better than the afternoon, but Kathleen could only see dolphins within 1-2 meters distance. Still, there was play with the tiny pufferfishes; those fish seem to be very enriching to the dolphins this week! It was Bailey’s turn, along with Elli, to mouth-play with the fish!

Our morning began as usual, with dolphin observations in the morning. Kathleen was surprised by a rapid fire greeting from Lenca and Tank. They LOVED her fins and hung out with her for several minutes before moving off with Rocky for some social interactions.

Early morning … data collection was spent observing dolphins through a silty, particulate lens. I.e., the underwater visibility was “crappy,” but the dolphins were social and spent much time playing with sea grass and seaweed.

This morning’s data collection session featured some neat behavior with Stan circling Kathleen and also competing with Poli for Manon’s attention but also some fast swims by the calves and the younger animals. There were lots of leaps and speed swims. It was a good session, even though the visibility was not great. Stan and Mr. French spent time investigating Kathleen’s fins.

Silly Dolphins!

This morning started with a great session for data collection that had joyful, goofy dolphins! There was a lot of breaches and weird vocalizations … with each other but also to Kathleen, Manon, John, and Bill. It was sort of the Sandy and Maury show this morning with respect to wiggly surface behavior. Just below you can see Tilly and Sandy at the surface this morning.

Kathleen was greeted by more than dolphin just before her entry for data collection! Shane was being silly … and Kathleen wished that Champ had taken his cue from Shane. Alas, Champ was more interested in Kathleen’s fins this morning, which truncated this morning’s underwater data collection session.