Sponsor a Classroom

Why Sponsor a Dolphin Classroom Connection?

By Sponsoring a Dolphin Classroom Connection, you not only support DCP’s research, education and conservation efforts financially, but you bring DCP directly into a classroom of your choosing!

Who can Sponsor a Dolphin Classroom Connection?
Anyone! Have a child? Sponsor their classroom! Homeschool your kids? Sponsor your own classroom! Have a niece, grandson, neighbor who is a student or a teacher or a student teacher? Sponsor their classroom!

Want to Sponsor a Dolphin Classroom Connection, but don’t know any kids or teachers? That’s okay! We’ll find a classroom for you!


Sponsor A Classroom: What’s Included

Print Version ($250)

  • Welcome Letter
  • DCP USB Drive with Photo-ID webinar recording, Full Kids Science Activities
    PDF, 20th Anniversary film
  • 30 Info Booklets

More info in this PDF flyer



Electronic Version ($125)

Welcome Letter with resource links to:

  • Photo-ID webinar recording
  • Full Kids Science Activities PDF
  • 20th Anniversary film
  • DCP Info Booklet

More info in this PDF flyer

After your Sponsor A Classroom purchase is received, DCP will be
in touch to get all the personalized info needed to complete the
sponsorship (dolphin selection, teacher/classroom name, etc).