DCP in the Media

Look Ma, we’re on TV!

The Dolphin Communication Project has worked with a number of television production companies over the years and our research (and researchers) have appeared in numerous documentaries and television programs around the world. Here’s a small sampling of some of our appearances:

Discovery: Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off

Dive into Adventure in WILD KRATTS “Lost at Sea”

NOVA’s Inside Animal Minds

MacGillivray Freeman Films’ DOLPHINS

DCP Director Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski starred in the Academy Award nominated IMAX film, DOLPHINS.

From the film makers who brought you The Living Sea and Everest comes an underwater adventure from the banks of the Bahamas to the sea of Argentina and in between. A journey to learn and understand dolphins, their elegant and complex communication, and their connections to their watery world. MacGillivray Freeman Films in association with the National Wildlife Foundation produced the film. The National Science Foundation and The Museum Film Network provided major funding. Beautiful underwater photography coupled with an engaging story will transport viewers to a world where creatures as delicate as jelly fish or as powerful as a killer whale somehow all fit together. who study dolphin cognition, physiology, feeding behavior and communication as you immerse yourself in the experience that only a large-format film for IMAX theaters can give you.

Order your copy of the DVD today!

“Print” – A selection of print & online coverage of DCP’s work

This type of coverage helps get data-driven information to the general public!

Justin on WHYY

Also in 2022, Justin chatted with the host of The Pulse, from WHYY, on the episode A Journey into the Minds of Whales.

No Such Word as Can’t

In late summer 2022, Kathleen had a great chat with Hazel McBride for Hazel’s podcast “No Such Word as Can’t.” We hope you enjoy the conversation and feel inspired to get involved – in any way! The podcast episode (29) is available on Podbean, Spotify, and Apple.

The Partial Merger of Two Dolphin Societies

DCP’s publication from lead author Nicole (co-authored by Kel + Kathleen, along with Drs. Richard Connor and Gavin Fay) caught the attention of Science, New York Times, and Newsweek. Nicole also joined Erica Wirth on the Breaching Extinction podcast, to discuss the study and other dolphin issues.

Behavioural laterality in
foraging bottlenose dolphins

DCP’s publication lead by DCP associate Daisy (co-authored by Kel, along with Samantha Goodrich and Dr. Diana Reiss) was covered by CNN, Scientific American, and The Guardian, among others.