Field Reports archive

Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski, the lead scientist in the giant screen adventure, Dolphins, and Director of the Dolphin Communication Project, returns to the field for more important research on dolphin communication each year along with DCP Research Associates, interns, and students.


DCP maintains an archive of every field report Kathleen and her colleagues have written for DCP since the year 2000 for each of the three main field sites: The Bahamas, Japan, and Roatan. You can find links to these reports in the Field Reports Archive menu. Because DCP is expanding our research by visting more and more fiedl sites, we have combined all of our field reports and DCP news items into a single blog which you can find under the Latest Buzz menu.


Throughout DCP’s field work, our researchers will share reports whenever possible. This is a rare chance for you to witness real science as it happens and remain informed on the expansion of DCP’s research throughout the world.