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New Dolphin Activity Page

The newest Kids Science Activity is ready for you! This sheet includes dolphin facts and space to add your own. Students can also label dolphin body parts, as reinforcement of our Anatomy of Dolphins activity or as a stand-alone task.


The morning image is the view we (Kathleen and Manon) have each morning at 5:15 AM as we greet the day in prep for the students and data collection! It is breath-taking! This morning was our last data collection ...

Turtles & Tursiops

Data collection today was quiet again and the underwater visibility was not good. So, Kathleen only recorded 20 min of video and in that had about 5 minutes with dolphins in view. We took a mostly-all-of-us group photo at Bailey’s this ...

Underwater Fun!

Data collection was the early morning highlight with a VERY quiet session – both above and below the water’s surface. All the dolphins were in the main lagoon during the session and ...

Dolphins & Mermaids Unite!

Elli and Sandy were hunting a crab during our early morning observations – Kathleen recorded this behavior on video and we watched it twice this afternoon. There was a good amount of social activity today as well. After data collection ...

Twilight Adventures

The early morning data collection session was a bit harder to wake for this AM, but we all made it with time to spare (barely)! There was lots of social activity at the surface and we all got much practice with the space use data collection. Our morning was ...

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