Kids Science Activities

We hope you enjoy these free, downloadable STEAM activities! Most are designed with elementary students in mind, but can be easily adjusted for younger or older students. Of course, everything is for the young at heart!

Plus, check out our podcast, The Dolphin Pod, wherever you get your podcasts and our webinar series for even more free science programming – just look in the Knowledge Hub. Webinars are also available on our YouTube channel (search Dolphin Communication Project).

Short on time? Snag a Dolphin Science Factoid!

General Dolphin Facts (Dolphin Tip: Copy these onto index cards to create a trivia game for the whole family!)

Species Account (blank)

Dolphin (Fact) Bubbles – New!

Sharks vs Dolphins (compare & contrast) – New!

Activity: Anatomy of Dolphins

Activity: Cross-Modal Perception

Activity: Hunting for Food

Activity: Photo-Identification of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins

Activity: Seeing with Sound

Activity: Sending Messages 

Activity: Signature Sound

Activity: Sound and the Sea

Jumble: Dolphin Species, Round 1

Jumble: Dolphin Species, Round 2

Jumble: Dolphin Subspecies

Jumble: Dolphin Anatomy

Crossword Puzzle: Dolphin Anatomy

Word Search: Mother Calf Edition

Word Search: Dolphin Anatomy

Matching: Species/Latin Edition

Memory: Species Edition

Coloring Page – Orca

Coloring/Activity Page – Beluga

Coloring/Activity Page – Dolphin

Coloring Page – Winter Scene

Coloring Page – Winter Party

Coloring Page – Festive Dolphin – New!

Coloring Page – Cartoon Dolphin

Coloring Book – Winter Themes – New!

Valentines – Platonic, Pre-colored

Valentines – Platonic, Self-color

Valentines – Mildly romantic, Pre-colored

Valentines – Mildly romantic, Self-color

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