Our Mission

The Dolphin Communication Project's mission is to promote the scientific study of dolphins and inspire their conservation.

In addition to the core group of DCP scientists and students conducting observational research on dolphin behavior, DCP is also a network of organizations and individuals involved in research, education, and conservation issues focusing on dolphins. DCP offers the following:

1) Opportunities for students and members of the public to engage in dolphin science by participation in ecotours, volunteer experiences, classroom visits, workshops, and youth science programs.

2) Online educational content in the form of podcasts, articles, and field reports.

3) Internships, college-level field courses, and research project collaboration for university students.

4) Collaborative research projects with senior researchers at various universities and institutions.

We strongly believe that fostering an appreciation for dolphins that leads to increased conservation efforts requires sound scientific knowledge of their behavior, biology, ecology, and cognition. DCP aims to bring together those individuals and institutions keen to expand our knowledge of dolphin science, and strongly encourages and aims to support the expansion of scientific research programs focusing on dolphin science.