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DCP's Bimini research will make an appearance
in the third episode of the new PBS/NOVA series Inside Animal Minds,
which airs on April 23rd. Kel, Kathleen, and Justin should all make an
appearance, as well as a number of our adopt-a-wild-dolphins
and the MVA. If you live in the US, be sure to watch the episode,
and/or check out the whole series - it looks like it's going to be
awesome! Here's a link to the learn more about the series.

The Dolphin Gazette 18.1

Yippee! Another issue of The Dolphin Gazette is here!
What will your favorite article be?
We're always excited to share each new issue of The Dolphin Gazette and this issue is no different! As Kathleen welcomes readers on page 1, you can know that information on our next RIMS eco-tour, our Bimini research season prep, a field course opportunity and Justin's upcoming appearance at the Hay Festival are all waiting for you. So, happy reading!
Click here to read The Dolphin Gazette 18.1.

Now Accepting Applications

We are pleased to begin accepting applications for our 2014 summer internship program! This summer, 1-2 interns will be accepted to join DCP both at our Connecticut, USA office and at our Bimini, Bahamas field site. Applications are due 21 February 2014.
All the details can be found by clicking here.

Happy New Year!

I'm delighted to share with you deta

DCP will return to RIMS in Roatan, Honduras in October 2014, to continue our studies of the bottlenose dolphins residing near Bailey's Key.

Dolphin Gazette 17.4

The end of 2013 is upon us, and DCP brings you the latest dolphin research roundup with our final Dolphin Gazette of the year.

Now Accepting Applications!

Join Sacred Heart University (SHU) in Bimini, The Bahamas for a 12-night field course in cetacean ecology!
This course was a huge success last year and we look forward to another success in 2014. The course begins with an online component, with Professor Deirdre Yeater, on 19 May 2014. By 27 May all students will arrive in Bimini, for classroom time and fieldwork! With 8 boat trips in search of Bimini’s wild dolphins, students will experience many facets of wild dolphin research.
All participants must take this course for credit through SHU, however visiting students are encouraged to apply.

The Dolphin Gazette, 17.3

We're proud to announce the latest overflowing issue of our quarterly newsletter, The Dolphin Gazette. In this issue, Kathleen shares updates from her recent trip to Europe and we continue our push to achieve our FundAGeek goal. Justin is busy preparing for the second installment in his collaborative Apes and Dolphins Seminar Series. For those of you interested in our Bimini, Bahamas field site, we hope you enjoy updates not only from Kel, but also from our summer interns.

Words are not enough to to express our thanks to the team at Wildlife Acoustics! They have been very supportive of our research studying dolphin calls and noise levels. DCP was honored to beta test the very first SM2M recorder off Bimini (pictured here). This passive acoustic recorder is autonomous: we deployed it for two ~2-week stints off Bimini to record sounds continuously.

DCP is proud to announce the launch of our first ever attempt at crowdfunding!