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DCP recently received mention by a Greener Living Today contributor. Check out the note here.

DCP is proud to announce the latest issue of the Dolphin Gazette – DCP’s quarterly newsletter. Download the May 2009 issue as a PDF here. In an effort to reduce the consumption of paper, the Dolphin Gazette is now available exclusively in electronic (PDF) format.

Alternate Offering!!As a result of frequent inquiries, DCP is pleased to announce the opportunity for students to participate in an abbreviated portion of our June 2009 Field Course in Cetacean Ecology at our Bimini, Bahamas field site.

Mainstream media has picked up the story of a World Conservation Society study which found "a stronghold for one of the world's rarest freshwater dolphins, the Irrawaddy." The survey documented almost 6,000 individuals in Bangledesh; quite a surprise considering previous population estimates were as low as a few hundred.

Back online

The DCP website is back up and running after a spot of trouble. Seems some unsavory characters had hacked into our servers and were using it to host nasty malware or some such nonsense. A revitalized website is now up and running with some extra safety measures in place. Our apologies to anyone who may have been affected/infected.

DCP in the News!

Here at DCP, we aren't the only ones talking about us! The island of Bimini and the dolphins there are highlighted in the Nov/Dec 2008 issue of Underwater Photography Magazine. More recently, Dr. Justin Gregg provided an interview for the Irish Veterinary Journal. You can read each piece by selecting the PDF links below.


DCP has uploaded a couple more videos to our YouTube channel, including an interview with Emie: {youtube}udH5gjH_TAM{/youtube}  Eight year old Emie had a few questions about dolphin communication for a science project she was putting together, and contacted researchers at the Dolphin Communication Project (DCP) to see if they could help her find the answers. In this video, Emie asks her questions and receives a video response from Justin Gregg - research associate at DCP. Emie's questions were:

1. How do dolphins hear high pitched sounds?

Worried you missed the deposit deadline for our Field Course in Cetacean Ecology?Worry no more! The remaining slots will be now be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

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DCP is now a registered charity with Squidoo, a site dedicated to getting your word out there, whatever that may be. On Squidoo, you can create a "lens" (Squidoo lingo for web page) about anything that interests you. Then through programs like Google ads and Amazon, the royalties that your lens generates can go to charity! If you are already a Squidoo guru, why not choose DCP as your charity? Or, if you're looking for a new outlet to share what's important to you, check out

DCP is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for 1 internship position at our Connecticut, USA office. This internship will run from June - August. Applications are due 15 March 2009.Click here for more details.REMINDER: The application deadline for DCP's summer fieldwork internship is 15 February 2009.