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Gazette Issue 15.3

The summer is flying by and you can find out what DCP's been up to in the summer issue of the Dolphin Gazette. Inside you can read about our next eco-tour to RIMS, upcoming university classes, the Bimini field season and a tribute to Umi. Umi was not only DCP's (terrestrial) mascot, but Kathleen & John's beloved canine.

Kathleen will discuss her research, DCP and the film, DOLPHINS, at The Maritime Aquarium (Norwalk, CT) on 9 June 2011. The lecture begins at 7:30 p.m. with the film, DOLPHINS, immediately following. Tickets are available now: $15 (adults/$12.50 (children).

Several spaces have just become available for a dolphin swim package with Sea Crest Hotel & Marina in Bimini, The Bahamas. This last minute trip begins on 10 July 2011 and includes 5 nights’ accommodation, 5 boat trips in search of wild dolphins (weather dependent), all meals, boat snacks, drinking water and snorkel gear (if needed).

The answers to the 'name these famous dolphins' quiz from the latest Dolphin Gazette and posted to the DCP website on 17 May 2011 are:
A: Darwin from Seaquest DSV
B: Fungi
C: Akeakamai

Name these famous dolphins! Here's the quiz from the latest issue of the Dolphin Gazette. See if you can name each of the five famous dolphins pictured below. You can leave your answers on DCP's Facebook page.

Can you believe it is already time for a new issue of the Dolphin Gazette? It is true and it is here! In this issue you'll read about Kathleen's recent trip to RIMS with long-time eco-tour participants. Kel provides updates from Bimini, including individual adopt-a-dolphin updates. And Justin offers his thoughts on the must-haves for your marine mammalogy library. Plus announcements, FAQs, a fun game and more!
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Please let us name a dolphin in your honor!
As many of you undoubtedly know, The Colbert Report has become one of late night’s most popular programs. In honor of Colbert’s tireless quest for truth, and unflinching pursuit of self-congratilitude, we at DCP will name a wild, Atlantic spotted dolphin in Colbert’s honor. But, first we need his permission – and we need your help to get it!
To read more about this appeal, click here.

Name-A-Dolphin: #094

You may know her as "Little Dot," but White Blotch's 2004 female calf is now ready for an official name. You can learn more about this active young juvenile Atlantic spotted dolphin - and how you can be the one to name her - by clicking here.
ID#094 was born in the summer of 2004 and stayed close with her mom all the way through the summer of 2010. She is very playful and frequently rides the bow of the boat - belly up! For $750, you can be the lucky supporter to give ID#094 her permanent name.

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Gazette Issue 15 No 1

Can you believe it is already time for the next issue of the Dolphin Gazette? This issue is now available for download by clicking here.