The ferry ride ... I have been in Tokyo for one day now. The city is quite big and just abit imposing after living for two months on two small islands. I have visited with a few colleagues and exchanged information and details of my summer research at Mikura. I also spent some time picking up a few 'omiyage' for some of the senchoo and other friends on Mikura and Miyake.

'Omiyage' are souveniers ... and very important expressions of thanks in the Japanese culture. I will send them off tomorrow morning.

Travel to Tokyo

Today is a holiday ... I am taking the ferry ('Sutoretia-maru') in to Tokyo this afternoon. The trip is about 6 hours long and I arrive at Takeshiba Port before 9:00 PM. The day is hot and muggy ('mushiatsui') and the sea is calm. I cannot think of a better way to celebrate Marine Day than being on the water. I'll write more after I get to Tokyo ...

Inquisitive Behavior

Most animals display some similarities. Inquisitive behaviors don't always have to include or be related to people; dolphins can seem curious about their environment or other animals. During my research on both the Bahamian spotted dolphins and the bottlenose dolphins around Mikura, I catelogued inquisitive behaviors from other activities (e.g., social, forage) primarily to separate behaviors directed at humans, or related to human behavior, from other actions.