A Summary of Effort

Summer 2000 - Mikura Dolphin Research I spent 20 days in June and 15 days in July on Mikura Island with the potential to go to sea to observe dolphins. Data were collected in the form of video records and a written sighting record for where and when dolphins were observed. Dolphins were observed in all locations around Mikura with many sightings below Nango or at Otaura. I had 14 boat trips resulting in 32 hours and 15 minutes of effort spent searching for dolphins.

Shipping Research Gear & Observing Closed Roads due to Ash It will take a few days for my gear to get to Mie University but it is much easier than me trying to travel with three large cases of camera and snorkeling gear plus my personal gear through Tokyo to Mie by train. The train ride to Mie from Tokyo will be 3-4 hours with two changes. The ferry ride from Miyake to Tokyo is about 6 hours. Miyake Island is about 160 km south of Tokyo. I am staying in Ako on Miyake with the Yamamoto family.

To Miyake Island

Gusty Winds & Choppy Seas I rode the Ebine-maru from Mikura Island's port (see accompanying photo) to Miyake Island today. The sea looked much like what you see in this photo. Lots of 'shiranami'. I looked, but did not see any dolphins on the 45 minute boat ride. I did, however, see dolphins in the morning (~7:56 AM) ... they were swimming counter clockwise around Mikura and past the port. It was good to see the dolphins one last time this summer, even though it was not from under water.