The ferry ride …

I have been in Tokyo for one day now. The city is quite big and just abit imposing after living for two months on two small islands. I have visited with a few colleagues and exchanged information and details of my summer research at Mikura. I also spent some time picking up a few 'omiyage' for some of the senchoo and other friends on Mikura and Miyake.

'Omiyage' are souveniers … and very important expressions of thanks in the Japanese culture. I will send them off tomorrow morning. I also picked up a few treats for my family back in the USA. (I guess some of the Japanese traditions have rubbed off on me!)

I will spend a bit of time this weekend preparing my summary and other information for my presentation at Mie University. Mie is an hour east of Osaka and a three hour train ride from Tokyo. I will give an hour seminar at the university about my field season, dolphin behavior in general and some of my results. I need a bit of time to prepare because I will speak only in nihongo (= Japanese).

Will write more later in the weekend.