Japan Wrap-up

Ongoing work and what it means. I am now at home in California and mostly recovered from my jetlag - it always hits me harder when I travel east. My gear is mostly unpacked and I have begun sorting some of my data files and videotapes. I won't get to work much on my data from the bottlenose dolphins around Mikura because I will soon begin packing for the Bahamas. Data collection is an integral part of my work, my research.

Last Day

Presenting in Japanese ... My presentation to the students and professors for the Faculty of Bioresources at Mie University went quite well. I was able to get my meaning across even if I did not know all the correct Japanese words. I used a tape of summary behaviors from spotted dolphins, dusky dolphins and bottlenose dolphins. I updated everyone on my summer field work - basically referring to the summary I posted a few days ago. And, I showed an example of video that I collected this summer.

Last Day in Tokyo

A muggy weekend ... I spent today catching up with a few friends and updating them on what life was like on Miyake after the ash and steam eruptions. I also shared with them details of my summer field season. It was a relaxing day though Tokyo is much more humid and hot ('mushiatsui') than Miyake and Mikura Islands. I also spent a bit of time planning my presentation for Tuesday. I leave tomorrow for Mie and Mie University. I am riding something new ... the Shinkansen Bullet Train. I am looking forward to the experience.