A DRT Summary

Our trip was spectacular with much learned, too.

It took me three days to recover from the jet lag - always hits me harder traveling to the east. The DRTs had a great trip and were filled with energy on Tuesday evening as we pulled into the Pine Point School parking lot to a pack of parents! Hugs and smiles were all around as we unloaded and made sure that each DRT had their proper baggage (nothing lost!).

Our program was a huge success and we experienced much and learned lots too.

End of season report

It has been a great season!

Hey everyone - Justin here again. This is my last report for this season. The visit from the DRTs was a lot of fun- a great way to end the season. My boat ride with the Pine Point students was my last ride of the season. The weather has been excellent these past few weeks- even though it is the rainy season, we have seen very little rain. The water has been unusually calm as well.

Our Last Day in Tokyo

The Imperial Palace and the Diet Building

We were able to go inside the walls to the Imperial Palace! We had a tour of the grounds near the East Garden and saw the building where the Emperor greets the people of Japan on January 2 and his birthday (December 23) each year. We learned a bit of the history to this section of the Imperial Grounds - very cool!

After our tour at the Palace, we visited the Diet Building, which looks a bit like our capital building.