Heading to Mikura Island and the Dolphins One last entry before I leave the USA. My flight to Japan is 11 hours, 20 minutes. After arriving in Tokyo, I have a few hours before catching the ferry to Miyake Island. The ferry is about 6 hours – leaving at 10:30 PM and getting to the island at ~5:30 AM. I’ll spend a couple of days on Miyake, where I lived from Sep. ’97 – ’99 when I first began my study of these dolphins.

Getting Ready to Go

Preparing Umi and me for the Summer The packing is complete: three big (and heavy) cases with my array and click detector, my tools, lots of blank videotapes and batteries, some books and clothing and, soon, my computer. Because of the mandatory two-week quarantine, Umi is not returning to Japan with me this summer.


What these Notes will Provide Welcome!

Many of you were introduced to my research on dolphin communication through MacGillivray Freeman Films’ DOLPHINS film. Beginning today you can follow along with my summer 2000 field season in Japan (3 June – 26 July) and the Bahamas (12 Aug. – 9 Sep.)

I’ll post updates daily about my research. Daily, that is, as long as I’m not too water-logged or fast asleep after a long day on the water! I’ll also write about the dolphins I’ve seen and their behavior and sounds.