Telephone snafu …

… might cause delays in postings to this field report site. FYI … as you may know or remember, the volcanic eruptions and such on Miyake Island (~18 km north of Mikura) wreaked havoc with the phone system on Mikura. I am not completely sure why the two systems are or were linked, and I am even more unsure as to whether anything has been 'fixed' for easier phone use this summer.

So … there is a good chance that I, Kathleen, will have no access to email while on the island of Mikura.

First Weekend in Japan for 2002

Meeting with friends & colleagues to plan workshop and collaborations My first weekend back to Japan after about a year away was a good one. I was able to catch up with some friends and meet with other researchers and staff
regarding our mutual projects studying the Mikura bottlenose dolphins as well as a workshop that we will give to the children on Mikura. Adults and island guests will be welcome, but our program will be geared to the younger generation(s).

Arrival in Japan

A long but smooth flight My arrival went well and the flight was relatively smooth, though the plane was full. Many of you will remember the eruption on Miyake Island in 2000 and for those of you who don't, please check out some of the entries in the Japan 2000 Field Reports. I lived on and worked from Miyake to study the Mikura dolphins for two years (1997 – 1999). And from 2000 forward, I have based myself from Mikura.

Welcome to DCP’s 2002 Field Season

Beginning of Field Reports from Mikura Island, Japan Welcome back to our online field reports site. As usual, our summer season begins in Japan. I, Kathleen, will write the reports from Japan (May and June) and from the White Sand Ridge, Bahamas (August & September). As in the past, I will post updates about my field research gathering data studying dolphin communication. I will include collection procedures, preliminary analyses and various anecdotes. I will also include glimpses into my life among the community on Mikura Island.