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You – yes, you! – can come to The Bahamas and swim with wild dolphins. And feel good knowing you are supporting DCP’s research & education mission. Amazing!

We still have spaces available on our 17 – 22 July 2022 “ecotour.” Fly or ferry into Bimini, a small island in The Bahamas, just 50 miles from the coast of Florida – yet a world away. Support a small, locally owned hotel and boat operator. Learn from DCP. Explore the beach. Enjoy the food. And of course, watch the dolphins, eye to eye!

All the info is here.

DCP Deep Dive: Understanding the Current Florida Manatee Unusual Mortality Event

*Content warning: As the title indicates, this talk discusses manatee deaths. Language and images may be upsetting to some viewers. As such, this talk is recommended for mature audiences.*

*Correction: The minimum suitable water temperature for manatees is 68°F/20°C.*

Manatees are dying in record numbers off Florida, largely because of a progressive seagrass die-off in the Indian River Lagoon.

Last Day – Dolphins and Packing!

Our last morning session with the dolphins started with a greeting by all of them at the water taxi stand, which announced what followed. Everyone also seemed to greet Kathleen and Manon on the blue platform before entry. Only Champ and Stan were hanging on their own in the back area. Ronnie, French and Lenca were with everyone in the main lagoon.

Dolphins Everywhere!

Our morning data collection session started promptly at 6:30 AM. On our way to Bailey’s Key, we saw a vivid rainbow that was full and went from one side of the key to the other – and it began mostly in the red colors! A great way to start the day!

Ronnie was first to greet Kathleen on entry followed soon by Tilly and Sandy. The visibility was good and the dolphins were social with each other. Poli had Gracie’s calf and even Sandy stayed with Poli and Gracie’s calf for a bit of time.

A Very Full Day at Bailey’s Key!!

It started with a 40-minute morning session with the MVA! French and Champ greeted us from the deep area of the back lagoon (you can see their ‘smiles’ in the cover photo!) The underwater visibility was awesome (!) and the seaweed had moved away – for the early morning! There was much social activity. Ronnie was in the main lagoon with the mom/calf pairs and the juveniles. Poli was with Calli and Woody often. Alita was with Elli and her calf and Buzz was with them or playing with Rocky.

Look at all this Weed!

Seaweed, that is! Wow was there lots of seaweed today … all over the inner lagoon between Anthony’s Key and Bailey’s Key as well as in and around the dolphin lagoon.

The morning session offered excellent underwater visibility and the seas and wind had calmed down significantly since yesterday. Added to this was a group of dolphins being very social with each other! In the cover photo, you can see Lenca and Stan greet me after getting in to begin my underwater observations! Rocky did a barrel-roll while swimming above Maury across the lagoon.

A Winter Storm brings a Strong Current!

We tried! The wind and waves were high this morning, but we persevered and trekked to Bailey’s Key in the water taxi. It took us twice to land at the dock at Bailey’s and the current seemed strong, even though the dolphins were playful and surfing (which should have been our first indication that the water was moving fast!). As we got the camera ready, we watched Champ chase Elli and her calf in the shallows.