Telephone snafu …

… might cause delays in postings to this field report site.

FYI … as you may know or remember, the volcanic eruptions and such on Miyake Island (~18 km north of Mikura) wreaked havoc with the phone system on Mikura. I am not completely sure why the two systems are or were linked, and I am even more unsure as to whether anything has been 'fixed' for easier phone use this summer.

So … there is a good chance that I, Kathleen, will have no access to email while on the island of Mikura. This has nothing to do with my computer system or anything like that (though I appreciate all the helpful suggestions I received last year with regards to my email). I just may not be able to access email with my computer because of incompatible gear.

If so, then we will post our daily updates in batches containing about one week of entries. That is, I will fax my entries to DCP staff once a week and they will post each day's entry seprately but all on the same day/date. I apologize for this inconvenience but hey … you'll have lots to read at once. Or you can parse out your reading. Either way, thank you for your patience and your support.