Arrival in Japan

A long but smooth flight

My arrival went well and the flight was relatively smooth, though the plane was full. Many of you will remember the eruption on Miyake Island in 2000 and for those of you who don't, please check out some of the entries in the Japan 2000 Field Reports. I lived on and worked from Miyake to study the Mikura dolphins for two years (1997 – 1999). And from 2000 forward, I have based myself from Mikura.

While living on Miyake, I made many friends on both islands and those from Miyake are all currently living in Tokyo. I am staying with the Yamamoto's, my Japanese family. I will visit a few others while I also gather the last few supplies and meet with members of ICERC Japan and the Kenkyukai. I will also meet with a few colleagues about a workshop we will conduct on Mikura. It will be in June for the school children. I very much enjoy studying the dolphins and learning more about their communication. And of equal enjoyment is the sharing and teaching I have been allowed to do with respect to dolphins.

Till tomorrow and a bit more about my time at the beginning of this field season.