The Dolphin Pod

Join hosts Dr. Justin Gregg and Laura Teasdale as they talk with scientists and experts about everyone’s favorite marine mammal: the dolphin. With a sprinkling of comedy to season the science, The Dolphin Pod is an enlightening and entertaining deep dive into the world of dolphin science. The Dolphin Pod is family-friendly, teen-approved podcast fun! After a 10 year hiatus (so Justin could be a stay-at-home dad), The Dolphin Pod is returning with new episodes in 2019. If you love The Dolphin Pod, please consider donating to our GoFundMe campaign – all funds raised will go directly to funding new epidoes of the podcast, and are tax-deductable.


A special podcast celebrating 20 years of The Dolphin Communication Project. In this episode, Justin and Laura interview DCP royalty: Kathleen Dudzinski and Kelly Melillo-Sweeting. Hear how DCP got started after Kathleen’s humble beginnings as a movie star, and how Kelly accidentally stumbled into an 18-year career as a dolphin researcher. Also, listen as Laura asks Kathleen and Kelly a series of awkward questions she had been meaning to ask her Tinder dates. 

Hey Parents! In this episode, we make references to dating apps and adult relationships. Mostly general dating stuff – nothing explicit.


In this special podcast episode celebrating 20 years of the Dolphin Communication Project, Laura and Justin interview Kelly Melillo-Sweeting, Bimini Research Manager and all-around awesome scientist. Kel explains the findings form her recently published article on laterality in bottlenose dolphins – that is, a preference that dolphins seem to have for the right side of their bodies when hunting for prey in the sand.

Climate change poses a real threat to dolphin species across the globe. In this episode, we discuss a heatwave off the coast of Australia that appears to have killed a number of wild dolphins in Shark Bay.


In the episode, Laura and Justin transform themselves into a pair of dolphins and explore the waters of Shark Bay, Australia to figure out what happened when a mysterious heatwave wreaked havoc on the local dolphin population.
Rising ocean temperatures pose a serious threaten to marine species, including dolphins.

Dolphin Pod co-host Laura Teasdale thinks that she used to know more about dolphins when she was a kid.

When Hurricane Jova hit the west coast of Mexico in 2011, a group of dolphins living near Tenacatita Bay disappeared! Where did they go and what happened to them? And did they ever return? Find out in this week’s episode.
The primary article being discussed in this episode is:
Ortega-Ortiz, Christian & Wonneberger, Elena & Martínez-Serrano, Ibiza & Kono-Martínez, Tadashi & Villegas Zurita, Francisco & M. Enríquez Paredes, Luis & Llamas González, Myriam & Olivos, Aramis & Liñán-Cabello, Marco & Gerardo Verduzco-Zapata, Manuel. (2019).

We’ve got a brand-new format for The Dolphin Pod that is equal parts science and magic. Yes, MAGIC! We’ll be discussing a recently published scientific article about bottlenose dolphins in the Gulf of Trieste that engage in what news outlets have dubbed timesharing – with two dolphin groups using the same habitat at different times of day. Laura and Justin use the magic of podcasting to transport themselves onto a small boat off the coast of Slovenia where they see “first hand” what these timesharing dolphins get up to.

The Dolphin Pod is back! After a 10 year hiatus, everyone's favorite dolphin science podcast is back in action. This time around, Justin Gregg will be joined by a new co-host; the hilarious and ultra-talented actor, musician, and improviser Laura Teasdale. Justin and Laura will be discussing dolphin science topics including cool new research, dolphin news stories, and surprising and entertaining dolphin facts and trivia. New full-length episodes are scheduled for early 2019.

In this week’s episode, we will focus our Science Spotlight on ship strikes, and in our Kids’ Science Quickie, we’ll field questions about dolphin communication from eight year old Emie.
In this week’s Science Spotlight, I will be interviewing Fabian Ritter co-founder of the non-profit research organization M.E.E.R. (Mammals Encounters Education Research) about a growing problem facing dolphins and whales: ship strikes. Thank you for joining us today Fabian – to begin with, what exactly is meant by the term Ship Strike.

In this week’s episode, we present The Dolphin Species Song!

In this week’s episode, we will review breaking Dolphin News from around the world, focus our Science Spotlight on dolphin communication, and in our Kids’ Science Quickie, we’ll discuss cookie cutter sharks.

Men convicted of harassing a dolphin
The two British men accused of harassing Dave, a friendly dolphin often sighted off the coast of Kent, have been convicted by a British court. The two men reportedly swam with Dave early in the morning while returning home from an evening of drinking.