The Dolphin Pod Episode 22

Dolphins are unexpectedly tolerant of outsiders

Dolphins are pretty strange when it comes to the way they treat strangers. Unlike most primates (including humans,) when two different social groups (including different species) share the same space, they can integrate their societies without violence. Find out how DCP researchers Kelly Melillo-Sweeting and Nicole Danaher-Garcia discovered that the spotted dolphins living around Bimini are able to live peacefully alongside bottlenose dolphins AND how these Bimini spotted dolphins welcomed a group of four dozen “refugee” spotted dolphins into their society without batting an eye.

Here are the articles we discuss:

Levengood, A., Melillo-Sweeting, K., Ribic, C.A., Beck, A.J., Dudzinski, K.M. (2022). Shoreline distribution of dolphins along North Bimini Island, The Bahamas. Caribbean Journal of Science, 52(2), 162-176.

Danaher-Garcia, N., Connor, R., Fay, G., Melillo-Sweeting, K., Dudzinski, K.M. (2022). The partial merger of two dolphin societies. R. Soc. open sci. 9: 211936. 211936.