The Dolphin Pod Episode 23

An interview with Jason Bruck

Justin interviews Jason Bruck, Assistant Professor of Biology at Stephen F. Austin State University. Jason is the head of the Bruck Integrative Biology Lab where he and his students study dolphin behavior and cognition. In this interview, Jason and Justin discuss:
· how Jason got into the field
· advice he offers to student hoping to study dolphins
· his latest research on dolphin signature whistles and urine
· his history with Kathleen and DCP
· why dolphins are the hardest animals to work with on the planet
· his unexpected past as a juggler
· his home arcade
· the scientists who influenced his career
· the challenges and advantages facing young academics
· women in the field of dolphin science
· the things that people often misunderstand about dolphins
· parsimony and the problem of anthropomorphism
· his lab’s current research on ocean noise and how it affects dolphin cognition and behavior
· his research collecting samples from wild dolphins using drone


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