Dolphins in hot water | Episode 19

Climate change poses a real threat to dolphin species across the globe. In this episode, we discuss a heatwave off the coast of Australia that appears to have killed a number of wild dolphins in Shark Bay.
In the episode, Laura and Justin transform themselves into a pair of dolphins and explore the waters of Shark Bay, Australia to figure out what happened when a mysterious heatwave wreaked havoc on the local dolphin population.

Rising ocean temperatures pose a serious threaten to marine species, including dolphins. A seemingly innocent, short-term rise in ocean temperature off the west coast of Australia had devastating and long-term consequences for a number of plant and animal species in Shark Bay. The local population of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins saw a drop in their population numbers, as well as low birth rates after the heatwave. Eight years later, the population is slowly recovering.

The article being discussed in this episode is:

Sonja Wild, Michael Kr├╝tzen, Robert W. Rankin, William J.E. Hoppitt, Livia Gerber, Simon J. Allen. Long-term decline in survival and reproduction of dolphins following a marine heatwave. Current Biology, 2019; 29 (7): R239 DOI:

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