DCP Deep Dive: Distribution of dolphins in nearshore Bimini waters

In this talk, you’ll learn more about DCP’s study on the sympatric distribution of Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins immediately off Bimini’s shores. How do these two dolphin species stay separate? And what type of behaviors do we observe in this nearshore area? Two of the authors, Kel Melillo-Sweeting and Christine Ribic led this talk. The topic was also presented at the SMM conference in August 2022 and featured in a 2022 episode of The Dolphin Pod.

DCP Deep Dive: Partial Merger of Two Dolphin Societies

DCP Deep Dive: Partial Merger, discusses DCP’s Aug 2022 publication that was featured in Science, Newsweek, and the New York Times. Now is your chance to hear straight from the source. Nicole discusses the interactions between members of two communities of Atlantic spotted dolphins in The Bahamas; asking if members of the same group were physically near each other as well as if they interacted with each other through physical touch. Fascinating stuff!

Two New Publications!

We’re very excited for two back to back publications from our Bimini, The Bahamas field site! The Partial Merger paper even got the attention of Science and Newsweek! Congrats to first author Nicole and thank you to our other co-authors Richard Connor (@DolphinAlliance) and Gavin Fay (@UMassD) along with support from @FIU.

2022 Bimini Ecotour Wrap Up

Welp, we didn’t get a research permit in time for our July ecotour group. Though our disappointment was palpable, we turned our frowns upside down and had an absolute blast with the Sea Crest guests.