To Miyake Island

Gusty Winds & Choppy Seas

I rode the Ebine-maru from Mikura Island's port (see accompanying photo) to Miyake Island today. The sea looked much like what you see in this photo. Lots of 'shiranami'. I looked, but did not see any dolphins on the 45 minute boat ride. I did, however, see dolphins in the morning (~7:56 AM) … they were swimming counter clockwise around Mikura and past the port. It was good to see the dolphins one last time this summer, even though it was not from under water. I'll keep you posted on what Miyake looks like, especially after the several ash and steam eruptions from the mountain that I have witnessed (as huge clouds) from Mikura. In a few days, I will also post some updates from this summer's field season here in Japan, for me and my work. Cheers for now. Kathleen