Dolphin Encounters

When we first arrived, we helped do a bit of research –
Kathleen deployed the “yellow baby” (aka the SM2M unit) and also helped Rebecca
finish up some of her control sessions. We were then guinea pigs and got to
snorkel in the new snorkel area being planned for guests between the sea lions
and dolphins. We saw a HUGE lobster and a few tinier fish.

After our snorkel, we got the chance to watch a sea lion
training session and encounter.

We got lost on the way to our beach clean up and got to see more of the island. When we finally got there, we had lots and lots of trash to clean up. There were log sheets to have an idea of the type of trash that was collected.
Lunch was had at the fish fry – specifically at Goldie’s – and several of us tried Bahamian food. This included Bahamian mac and cheese, plantain, and cracked conch.

P.S. This, the second photo from Monday, photo shows Kathleen holding the SM2M unit to collect click trains from the dolphins.

The audio file (below) depicts about 15 seconds of clicks.