Our Second Full Day at DE as a whole group

Sea Lions, Dolphins, and Coral … oh my!

The best laid plans and all that … we had our day all planned for learning about coral, sea lions and then more dolphins with the day finishing up with a swim with the dolphins. Alas, our scheduling was off, still we got everything in and had a great day!

The coral reef presentation finished with a walk along the shore to better understand the coastline and interaction between the shore and reef. We then got to briefly meet & learn about the sea lions who now call DE home. They are hilarious to watch.

Our research and observation session was moved to after lunch because our Dolphin Swim was set for the morning … everyone had a grand time and overcame fears of being so close to such large mammals. Princess and Chippy were the two dolphins that our group met and got close to.

Everyone also did VERY well with recording dolphin observations while I collected video and audio data with the MVA. I was in pool 5 with Dot & Lagoona, Nina & Cacique & Missy. They were very inquisitive and playful amongst themselves. and … the visibility was fantastic!

We had a great day!