Snorkeling and more snorkeling

Coral reefs, fish, a fast boat ride and a picnic lunch

Today was a day for everyone to be in the water for lengthy periods of time. I was up and out early for the morning ferry ride to DE to continue recording the dolphins and their interactions. I was able to conduct three sessions – the young boys first, then the ladies – most of them. The visibility was rather good and the dolphins more 'relaxed' and into their own games so that I could watch and record.

The kids from the BGCA clubs had a day of snorkeling planned … they rode a FAST speed boat to Exuma and snorkeled on the reef – identifying fish and other critters and enjoying the warm water. They had a picnic lunch and were back at about the time I returned for the day.

We shared stories over dinner and all enjoyed the day.
Tomorrow is another day of dolphins and data for the whole group.