End of the season!

Summary of this year’s field season  The Enoshima workshop went really well – and no earthquakes. The theme of this workshop was “Let’s be dolphin researchers”. We put together some activities that showed the kids what life was like as a dolphin researcher – the highlight being a game where 3 of the team leaders dressed up as crazy never before seen ‘animals’ and ran around the room while the kids tried to keep track of what they were wearing and how they were behaving.

Earthquake in Tokyo!

The earth done quaketh  IMAGE: A Harajuku girl

I am currently in Tokyo – there is a dolphin workshop that I will be participating in at Enoshima Aquarium tomorrow, so I have spent the day out in Shinjuku and Harajuku soaking up all that Japanese culture has to offer. To make the experience that much better, there was an earthquake that measured 5.7 on the Richter scale today here in Tokyo. I was in a china shop at the time – not the safest place to be. But nothing fell from the shelves.

Bye Bye Mikura!

A chance to say goodbye to some friends (both human and dolphin) I finally arrived back on Mikura on the 20th after heading to Tokyo to pick up my wife. We took the ferry back to Mikura, but (as usual) it was cancelled. We sailed on by Mikura and straight on to Hachijo.

It is HOT here on Mikura

 A boat trip and some extracurricular activity

We had a nice early morning boat trip today. It was warm and sunny in port and only slightly less so out on the water. A great day for dolphin watching! The sea was teeming with delphinid life! Tons of old favorites stopped by for a look including #404 and #161. Lots of great video! I am not sure if this will be my very last trip of the season, but it might be. If so, I have no regrets! It was a great way to end the season.

Back on the water! Glorious day!

Last of the summer boat trips… They love their sandals here in Japan – this is our entrance hall during happy hour (my shoes are the flip-flips)

My time here in Mikura is almost up! I have been very busy AND having a lot of fun, so it really has flown by. The bad weather has finally moved away, so we had a glorious day today! It was sunny (except around Mordor…uh.. I mean Motone) and the waves were tolerable.

Where am I?

Dolphin TV marathon IMAGE: My best friend

Like the fabled city of Atlantis, Mikura-jima was thought to have been lost forever in the vastness of the ocean – swallowed up by a tempest so colossal that few survived to tell the tale of its coming. But one man did survive, and this is his story….

Right OK, it wasn’t all that dramatic. But 3 days of high winds have resulted in spate of ferry cancellation.

Tourists everywhere!

A day for the little things IMAGE: The village at night

I was unable to fit myself onto a boat today. They were propped full of tourists who arrived for the weekend. This gave me the chance to work on lots of little tasks that need to be taken care of before the end of the season. I can see why Kathleen usually leaves the island around this time of year – it is becoming increasingly difficult to find space on a boat. No real news for today…..

Am I on Bimini?

A warm, sunny beautiful day with a leisurely boat trip. Image 1: a ‘swarm’ of dolphins (sub adult males socializing)

Well well, who could ask for more? The sun was shining today. Not a cloud in the sky. The air temperature was warm, but not too hot and not muggy. The water was clear and warm. The waves? What waves! Our boat glided effortlessly along the water’s surface as we were surrounded by dolphins. It was like a dream.


IMAGE: #032 Atokake – ready for a smooch!

I was a bit wobbly when I woke up this morning. My sleeping habits are still out of whack which does not help with the fitness thing. The research can sometimes feel like triathlon training – carrying heavy awkward equipment up and down a mountainside interspersed with frantic swimming episodes. But even though I was tired, today turned out to be a perfect little day.


No dolphins today, but plenty of good food IMAGE: Local kids performing a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I can’t believe it. I thought I had escaped the worst of the jetlag by getting some good nap time on the plane, but I slept for 13 hours last night! Just as well, as I did not get the Bat Signal for any trips today. I have one scheduled for tomorrow morning though! This evening I went to a little festival at the local gym.