Back on the water! Glorious day!

Last of the summer boat trips…  japanese sandles They love their sandals here in Japan – this is our entrance hall during happy hour (my shoes are the flip-flips)

My time here in Mikura is almost up! I have been very busy AND having a lot of fun, so it really has flown by. The bad weather has finally moved away, so we had a glorious day today! It was sunny (except around Mordor…uh.. I mean Motone) and the waves were tolerable. We ran across a few mother calf groups including my two favorites Hamu-chan and little Hamlet! We then encountered a group of boisterous subadult males. I really enjoy swimming with these guys now. They are just crazy – I am sure it is the young male group mentality whereby they feel invincible, but they are not shy around the passengers at all. The water was murky and cloudy today, so it was difficult to see these young lads. But boy could you hear ‘em! There was constant echolocation buzzing in my ear, and yet I never saw the culprits. They were a few meters off in the gloomy waters, keeping tabs on us while we squinted our eyes and tried to make out dolphin like shapes in the fog. Occasionally they would come zooming into view for a close eye to eye inspection and then zoom back out again to continue whatever it was they were doing. Dolphins are great zoomers.

Anyhow, tomorrow I have another trip and then I will swing by the school for my last English classes of the year. And then I have something special and cool planned for the evening…. But you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow’s report to find out what it is!

Good night!