Earthquake in Tokyo!

harajuku girlThe earth done quaketh 

IMAGE: A Harajuku girl

I am currently in Tokyo – there is a dolphin workshop that I will be participating in at Enoshima Aquarium tomorrow, so I have spent the day out in Shinjuku and Harajuku soaking up all that Japanese culture has to offer. To make the experience that much better, there was an earthquake that measured 5.7 on the Richter scale today here in Tokyo. I was in a china shop at the time – not the safest place to be. But nothing fell from the shelves. Unfortunately the elevator in our hotel was shut down after the quake so we had to walk up the 8 flights to our room. Who builds a modern metropolis on the spot where 4 tectonic plates converge? Honestly. I’ll turn in early tonight for bed – the workshop starts early tomorrow. Wish me luck!