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Found this fantastic site when my brother sent me info in an email, after I sent him the circulating video "blowing rings."  I just love making art with animals and well, anything having to do with biology and ecology as the subject.  We learn so much from animals, and echolocation is one of the most interesting areas! Some of my favorite human animals are biology professors and 

Science Research in the High School- Kelly Mulvihill

Hi Dolphin Communication Project Members!I'm Kelly Mulvihill, and I believe I have previously posted something about the program I participate in in my school, Science Research in the High School.  It is a college course with a rigorus and strict curriculum, for students interested in pursuing science research as a profession, or at least a life interest.  The course requires me to design and create my own experiment, under the guidance of a mentor in my field of study.  The topic I chose is bottlenosed dophin cognition, memory, and auditory learning…….BECAUSE THEY'RE AWSOMMMEEEE =D. 


Now it's summer so that means vacation.  For me that means Bahamas!!!  I'll probably be going to Bimini throughout the summer.  I'll try to do as many dolphin encounters as I can.  I'll enter more entries to keep everyone updated about what's going on.  See ya!!! 

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I am a new member here! I really love dolphins. I like how they're smart, loyal, friendly, and funny! If you share my same intrests then write back! Well, I just adopted my dolphin named Leslie.


Hey…I'm a huge supporter of DCP…I went on the wild dolphin encounter in Bimini, Bahamas and it was amazing…I wish to do this again…I'll keep posting…ttyl!

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The two British men accused of harassing Dave, a friendly dolphin often sighted off the coast of Kent, have been convicted by a British court. The two men reportedly swam with Dave early in the morning while returning home from an evening of drinking. They continued to swim with Dave even after authorities arrived and told tem to leave the water. Video of the incident shows Dave behaving aggressively toward the men, and showing signs of distress. Expert marine mammal witnesses testified that Dave was likely traumatized by the event.