Science Research in the High School- Kelly Mulvihill

Hi Dolphin Communication Project Members!

I'm Kelly Mulvihill, and I believe I have previously posted something about the program I participate in in my school, Science Research in the High School.  It is a college course with a rigorus and strict curriculum, for students interested in pursuing science research as a profession, or at least a life interest.  The course requires me to design and create my own experiment, under the guidance of a mentor in my field of study.  The topic I chose is bottlenosed dophin cognition, memory, and auditory learning…….BECAUSE THEY'RE AWSOMMMEEEE =D.  Anyway, I have already done Part I of my assignment, which was to research scholary journal articles and develop an, in essence, "expertise" in my area of study.  I am now on Part II, which I find to be the most diffcult: finding a mentor.  I CONSTANTLY email EVERYONE I find in any journal article, website, magazine, newspaper, or even in the media (radio, television) who even has a slight knowledge in the area, however, I continue to recieve no answers =(.  If I do not find a mentor soon, I will have to change my topic to do so.  Dolphin cognition and intelligence is a topic which I am very passionate about, and would HATE to not be able to continue in my pursuits.  If anyone, anywhere, at any time has A N Y suggestions for me, I would be SOOOOO GRATEFUL, not to mention you would be my HEROOOOO! 

Thank you for reading that obnoxious essay, and I REEAAALLLY HOPE that someone has input or advice for me!!!!!! =D

-Kelly Mulvihill