Hello!My name is Brittany and I just turned eighteen yesterday. Today in the mail, I received the best present ever. My boyfriend adopted the dolphin Tim for me, #69. I want to know everything I can do to help and become a better member of DCP.

Swimming with dolphin

Will dolphin encounters in the wild help bring an awareness and appreciation for the ocean and its creatures or is there a danger of destoying those things we love,wild dolphin siwms as and example?alohared 

Izzy’s blog?

Well, I figured I'd see what this feature actually does. So I'll write a quick entry.  What would you guys want to hear? I'm leading the life of an over-taxed high school senior who wants to study marine biology (and eventually cetacean behavior, if I get really lucky.) I'm applying to colleges, my first quarter just ended, but I've been really sick for several weeks, so I'm really far behind everything. (I had to go in to get caught up with my tests, etc.