The Rainy Season You Say?

Rain, rain, go away… Just thought I’d give everyone a weather update. The folks on the Florida weather stations say that May 15th was the start of the rainy season down here. I believe they are correct, as there have been scattered, torrential rains each day so far. The island could use the rain and it certainly cools things down…so, as long as I don’t find myself stuck in the rain somewhere, no complaints from me.
    Yesterday was also the official start to the Atlantic hurricane season.

I’m Here!

Arrival On BiminiI’m Back! It feels good to be back on Bimini…My flight from CT to FL was uneventful- other than the pleasant discovery that I had a row of three seats to myself! I arrived a few minutes before 10 a.m.

It’s Almost Time

Bimini Here We Come!So, the last time we posted, Kathy and I were squinting their eyes in the sun after emerging from the hurricane season in one piece. This year, it’s me, Kelly Melillo, and Darcie Blanding who will be handling the Bimini field site. (For those of you who don’t know, Kathy is now a dive instructor with Bimini Undersea, and lives above the “Burger Queen”).
So, the last few weeks have been filled with administrative prep for the field.