I’m Here!

Arrival On Bimini

I’m Back! It feels good to be back on Bimini…My flight from CT to FL was uneventful- other than the pleasant discovery that I had a row of three seats to myself! I arrived a few minutes before 10 a.m. and, after a minor mishap with my luggage, it got to the Chalk’s sea plane terminal just fine and that is where we stayed for the next 5.5 hours or so…When we finally boarded, after having been warned that no one on board would get all the pieces of their luggage that day, we began to head down the runway, gained a bit of speed, then slowed down and made a U-turn. None of the passengers knew why, but we trusted the pilots as they called a baggage handler back to the plane. Oops, the luggage hatch wasn’t properly closed. What was supposed to take 5 minutes to fix took over an hour, but eventually we were allowed back on the plane and took over without incident. The flight is less than 25 minutes, so it isn’t long before the island is in sight. And what a sight it is! I’d managed to forget how beautiful Bimini is from the air….
    Now, for those of you who have never had the pleasure of visiting Bimini, the sea plane lands right in the harbor. So, if there is too much boat traffic, it can take an extra attempt or two. Today, our pilots were able to land, quite smoothly, on the second attempt….
    Even without luggage (oh, I did get one piece- the one with my exploded tube of toothpaste- fun), it is good to be back. It doesn’t look like there will be any dolphin trips until Sunday, but I am taking that as a blessing in disguise since sea lice are in full swing and tend to leave swimmers extremely itchy….
    Once we get out to sea and Darcie arrives, we’ll let you know how things are going. Hope everyone enjoys the summer!

Until later…