Leavin’ on a Jet Plane

Heading to Mikura Island and the Dolphins

One last entry before I leave the USA. My flight to Japan is 11 hours, 20 minutes. After arriving in Tokyo, I have a few hours before catching the ferry to Miyake Island. The ferry is about 6 hours – leaving at 10:30 PM and getting to the island at ~5:30 AM. I’ll spend a couple of days on Miyake, where I lived from Sep. ’97 – ’99 when I first began my study of these dolphins. The ferry between Mikura and Miyake islands is only about 45 minutes and I’ll be living on Mikura this summer. I lose a day while traveling – crossing the international dateline and arriving on 4 June to Tokyo and then 5 June to Miyake. I’ll sign on again in a couple of days with updates on my trip and what it feels like to return. I’m really looking forward to returning to Japan, not only to study the dolphins but also because of the many friends I made there. You’ll get to know some of them a bit in this journal. Chat with you more soon … cheers, Kathleen