Kelly Melillo Sweeting

DCP Secretary & Bimini Research Manager

B.A. Environmental Studies, Connecticut College

M.Sc. Environmental Science, Alaska Pacific University

(Right: photo credit, Al Sweeting Jr)


Kel has been a part of the DCP team since 2003. Born and raised in North Haven, Connecticut, USA, she graduated from Connecticut College in 2004 after having spent time living in Australia and attending the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Always interested in the marine environment, she joined DCP as an undergraduate intern in the summer 2003, which allowed her to combine this interest with her love of traveling and experiencing new cultures. The Bimini field site quickly became her second home. Kel continued DCP’s research here as a graduate student at Alaska Pacific University (APU) and now as the Bimini Research Manager. She remains interested in the interactions between the Atlantic spotted and bottlenose dolphins off Bimini. This was the topic for a poster presentation at the Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals in December 2007 and was published in 2009 (see “Publications” section for a downloadable PDF). Kel completed the APU Master’s program in April 2008. Since then, she has continued to publish and enjoys being on Bimini full-time, leading DCP’s research and education programs.  Directing DCP’s field courses and supervising DCP’s summer interns on Bimini are two of her favorite parts of this gig! She’s also made several media appearances, including for BBC and NOVA/PBS, Wild Kratts, Discovery (Shark Week), and more. 

Watch an (old!) video of Kelly discussing her research