A three species day

Tuesday’s dolphin trip with Bimini Undersea was a beautiful one. We departed Bimini harbor shortly after 14:00 and were almost immediately greeted by bottlenose dolphins! At first we only saw one, then we saw a second…and soon we were up to five dolphins. They were a bit scattered and were not staying in one spot, so after 15 minutes of watching from the boat, we continued on.

Annual visits with Shedd’s High School Marine Biology Program

Late last month I had the pleasure of visiting with the first round of students participating in Shedd Aquarium’s High School Marine Biology program. It was a great group – as was Wednesday’s! Both sets of students were engaged in the conversation and asked great questions….but then again, so did the teachers and boat captains!
Each year, I enjoy my visits with these groups. I appreciate their support and enthusiasm and the opportunity to share DCP’s work with them.

Family day with the spotteds

On Monday I joined a last-minute dolphin trip with Bimini Adventures. The boat was filled with excited kids and parents and we were all glad the seas were calm, and became even calmer as the day progressed. After two swim breaks and a couple hours of searching, we saw them! At first there were two Atlantic spotted dolphins – Stefran (#82) and an older calf/younger juvenile. Moments later Tina (#14) came to the bow.

Searching for dolphins with Missione Natura

I’ve been waiting all year for a visit from La7 TV’s Missione Natura and Friday and Saturday were it! It was a pleasure working with this team and being a part of their program. Thankfully, the weather cooperated giving us two days of calm seas in the midst of a wildly windy week. Although we got to see several species – a tiger shark, bottlenose dolphins, a single Atlantic spotted dolphin and a turtle, we did not get to observe/film the dolphins under water.