Family day with the spotteds

On Monday I joined a last-minute dolphin trip with Bimini Adventures. The boat was filled with excitedBIM12_T3_youngspotteds kids and parents and we were all glad the seas were calm, and became even calmer as the day progressed. After two swim breaks and a couple hours of searching, we saw them! At first there were two Atlantic spotted dolphins – Stefran (#82) and an older calf/younger juvenile. Moments later Tina (#14) came to the bow. I was very excited to see them all, but was slightly concerned that Tina did not have a young calf with her after being pregnant last summer. This is one time where I would be happy if I’ve gotten the ID wrong and it wasn’t really Tina after all. I am fairly sure that Cerra (#38) also came by the boat with another older calf/young juvenile. We were able to swim with the two youngsters, one of which was male and may be added to DCP’s ID catalog as he has both a noticeable spot and scarring along his peduncle.

Our second water entry was shorter, but we got to see one of the older dolphins grab a fish! Since it was getting late, we climbed back aboard the boat and headed for home. On the way, we saw a few more dolphins leaping in the distance.

The seas off Bimini are calming down and the water is already warm. So, stay tuned for many more field reports!

Until then,