Annual visits with Shedd’s High School Marine Biology Program

Late last month I had the pleasure of visiting with the first round of students participating in Shedd Aquarium’s High School Marine Biology program. It was a great group – as was Wednesday’s! Both sets of students were engaged in the conversation and asked great questions….but then again, so did the teachers and boat captains!

Each year, I enjoy my visits with these groups. I appreciate their support and enthusiasm and the opportunity to share DCP’s work with them. I’ll spend the next couple of months looking forward to the next group aboard the Coral Reef II!

Thanks Shedd HSMB students!

PS: Since we were talking about other marine mammals breathing during our visit: According to the Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, most pinnipeds have “normal” mammalian breathing, but northern fur seals appear to have unihemispheric slow wave sleep like dolphins. But, be careful because some websites out there do indicate that “all marine mammals” are “voluntary breathers”….it’s important to trust your source! And to remember, when it comes to marine mammals, the answers aren’t always easy ones. Understanding their breathing and which areas of the brain control this is very complex!