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*Password Required* March 15, 2023, Noon ET Human-made noise poses a significant problem for a wide range of animals. Individuals across animal groups have been shown to use different vocal and other behavioral strategies to compensate for the effects of noise, however, little is known of how successful they are at overcoming the impacts of noise disturbance when working together. In this talk Pernille Meyer Sørensen will present the results of a recent study done in collaboration with the Dolphin Research Center, in Florida, in which they investigated how noise affected two dolphins working together.

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Cross-modal perception KSA

We've got a poppin' fresh Kids Science Activity for you: Cross-Modal Perception! Cross-mod-what-who-now? Cross-modal perception is something dolphins and humans have in common! Explore what it is and how you use it in your everyday life in our latest, free activity.

Dr. Simon J. Allen, of Shark Bay Dolphin Research

*Password now required* February 28, 2023, Noon, ET (UTC -5) Join us as Emma Chereskin talks about the male bottlenose dolphins of Shark Bay, Australia. These dolphins form the most complex alliance structure outside of humans. Forming alliances, and maintaining those friendships, is vital in securing paternities and protecting females from rival males. In this talk, we will explore the wide variety of mechanisms, such as touch, synchrony, and sound, used by these dolphins to maintain their decades-long friendships.

New Publication!

Kathleen is pleased to announce her latest collaborative, peer-reviewed article: Carzon, P., Clua, E., Dudzinski, K.M., Delfour, F. 2023. Deleterious behaviors and risks related to close interactions between humans and free-ranging dolphins: A review. Biological Conservation: 279. This article is free for reading or downloading through April 4, 2023.

Fresh Matching Activity

In this new Kids Science Activity (KSA), learn about common vs scientific names as you have a go at matching not only the common name with the scientific - but also the meaning of each scientific name. Don't worry, the answers are on page 2 (no peeking!).

New Dolphin Activity Page

The newest Kids Science Activity is ready for you! This sheet includes dolphin facts and space to add your own. Students can also label dolphin body parts, as reinforcement of our Anatomy of Dolphins activity or as a stand-alone task.


The morning image is the view we (Kathleen and Manon) have each morning at 5:15 AM as we greet the day in prep for the students and data collection! It is breath-taking! This morning was our last data collection ...

Turtles & Tursiops

Data collection today was quiet again and the underwater visibility was not good. So, Kathleen only recorded 20 min of video and in that had about 5 minutes with dolphins in view. We took a mostly-all-of-us group photo at Bailey’s this ...

Underwater Fun!

Data collection was the early morning highlight with a VERY quiet session – both above and below the water’s surface. All the dolphins were in the main lagoon during the session and ...