The Dolphin Pod

Join hosts Dr. Justin Gregg and Laura Teasdale as they talk with scientists and experts about everyone’s favorite marine mammal: the dolphin. With a sprinkling of comedy to season the science, The Dolphin Pod is an enlightening and entertaining deep dive into the world of dolphin science. The Dolphin Pod is family-friendly, teen-approved podcast fun! After a 10 year hiatus (so Justin could be a stay-at-home dad), The Dolphin Pod returned with new episodes in 2019. If you love The Dolphin Pod, please consider becoming a DCP member, making a donation to DCP, or contacting us to sponsor an episode. A big thank you to those who supported our 2018/2019 fundraising campaign and to the Holly Jolly Foundation for their support of 2022/2023 episodes.

Space. The final frontier. Only the bravest of us dare to venture into the cold darkness of space. Those intrepid, courageous men and women, who have voyaged beyond earth's atmosphere, have doubtless been subjected to a surge of powerful emotions as they gaze upon planet earth from such a great height. These emotions can only be described as…. nausea, dizziness, queasiness, disorientation, sickness, wobbliness, lightheadedness, wooziness, and are often accompanied by … vomiting!
I am talking about what astronauts often refer to as Space Sickness.

Dolphin Eyeballs

If you are a regular listener to the Dolphin Pod, then you'll be aware of the power and versatility of a dolphin's echolocation system. If you are inclined to be jealous of the sensory systems of other animals, you could do worse than to envy dolphin biosonar. It is pretty cool stuff. At least, you can rest assured that humans outshine dolphins when it comes to vision, right? Not so fast my simian friend - while it is true that humans and other primates do have well-developed visual systems, our dolphin friends are not far behind.

Fungie the Dingle Dolphin

This week's episode features a personal essay about my experiences of swimming with Fungie - the famous solitary dolphin who has been living near the town of Dingle on the west coast of Ireland.

The narwhal’s tusk

The narwhal is perhaps one of

The Year of the Dolphin

2007 is a year with major significance for dolphin enthusiasts as it has been officially declared the Year of

RIMS field site video podcast

This week’s special video podcast highlights the Dolphin Communication Project’s research at the Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences.

Holiday Podcast

A special holiday greeting from The Dolphin Pod.

Baiji Extinct!

In this week’s episode, we will discuss the baiji; a very special dolphin that has recently made its way into the news for all of the wrong reasons.
Not too long ago, a Dolphin Pod listener wrote in to ask us if we would consider producing a podcast about the lesser known members of the dolphin family. Often times, so much of the research conducted on dolphins focuses on those species that are easy to study: species like the bottlenose dolphins which live near the coast. So it is easy to overlook those less-often-encountered species.

Dolphins who need dolphins

Researchers at the Dolphin Communication Project get a lot of questions from the public about dolphin behavior, but one question above all the others has given us the biggest kick. And, sparked a rather interesting answer. The question, posed to us once by a young dolphin enthusiast, was 'How do dolphins get married?' Not 'do dolphins get married' mind you, but 'how do they get married'.

This week’s special video podcast showcases the Dolphin Communication Project’s research with the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins of Mikura island in Japan.