Only 4 days to go before Departure!

Only four days remain before I begin the trek to JFK and
then to Roatan. I seem to have a knack for identifying flights that leave
before the sun rises! I’ve reviewed the data sheets and made copies for the
field work. We have surface logs for notating animals within various distances
of the MVA from the surface viewpoint. We have blank sketch sheets for drawing
the marks of the dolphins. We need to update our sketches annually to match
with our video logs.

MVA2 Upgrades and Prep for RIMS trip!

Any free time last week and this week are dedicated to
preparing for the last week of October to RIMS. My week at RIMS comes after a
two-year hiatus! I am very much looking forward to visiting RIMS and seeing the
dolphins again. To see how much the calves have grown and see who’s hanging out
with whom.

Last week was filled with re-formatting the MVA2 for a
tape-camera that John and I found on eBay. I was having issues with a tape-less
camera. We found an HDR camera and it just barely fit into MVA2.