Only 4 days to go before Departure!

Only four days remain before I begin the trek to JFK and
then to Roatan. I seem to have a knack for identifying flights that leave
before the sun rises! I’ve reviewed the data sheets and made copies for the
field work. We have surface logs for notating animals within various distances
of the MVA from the surface viewpoint. We have blank sketch sheets for drawing
the marks of the dolphins. We need to update our sketches annually to match
with our video logs. This helps confirming the different IDs on the screen when
we are back in the office reviewing and processing the video data. There are 20
plus dolphins to remember … easier than our wild groups, but still subtle with
respect to marks.

My gear is lain out and being reviewed prior to being
packed. I have the MVA2, the camera, the SM2M, my mask, fins, snorkel, wet
suit, batteries, tapes, personal gear …


Let’s see if I can get everything into
two checked bags and 1-2 carry-ons!