Hurrican IVAN mkes an appearance

At 3am it sounded as though a freight train was passing by! Our planned 7am observation session was cancelled due to zero u/w visibility and a 'ripping' current. The waves were rolling and breaking on the reef and around us. The dolphins seemed okay but we focused our afternoon on video ID. We needed to add Fiona (Alita's calf from last October) and Carmella and Ritchie to our list.
The day was leisurely and we spent time marveling at the seas. We did have a sunset and, surprisingly, little rain.

Day 2: Recording Dolphins

Meeting Carmella, Ritchie, Fiona + 'Mr. French' It felt almost like coming home today (except that John + Umi weren't here). Bill, Ronnie, Maury, and Mika are only 1 year older but grew much! Gracie is pregnant, Mrs. Beasly had a male calf about 1 month ago, and Fieona (born last year to Alita) is more rambunctious than Ronnie ever was! Hector + Esteban had a tiff adjacent to me but nothing too serious.
I introduced our team # 1 to surface observations and use of the 'surface' hydrophone.

Arrival on Roatan

A long day of travel-sliding in before Ivan My morning began VERY early: 0300! But, considering the approaching weather and ominous aniversary that today represented, my flights were uneventful. Miami airport did seem relatively ''people free''. It took 13 hrs on 4 planes to get from CT to Roatan but it was worth the effort. The airport was much busier than I remember. The people just as friendly and helpful as last year. It was good to return, to see familiar faces at Anthony''s Key Resort.