The end of Trip #1, 2002

Summarizing the trip.

From 3,352 minutes of effort, searching for dolphins, we had 15 dolphin sightings: 10 of spotted dolphins and 4 of bottlenose dolphins. We saw #26 and #114 (adult males). I think we also identified #208 but will have to confirm with the slide ID catalog. We also saw a turtle and two nurse sharks (while John and Bill were looking for lobsters – season opened on 1 Aug). We had 4 encounters (3 with spotted and 1 with bottlenose dolphins) that gave us a total of 34 minutes underwater observing dolphins. We saw dolphins bowriding, rubbing and pectoral fin rubs. The dolphins were vocal when in sight and seemed to be playing among themselves more than with boats or swimmers. I look forward to viewing our slides. I'll post field report updates about our next trip, next week. Our next group of passengers arrives tomorrow. More soon. Cheers Kathleen