Dolphin, and more rough seas.

Three encounters with spotted dolphins.

Our first encounter was with two juvenile males. I think one was #208, a newly identified young male from 2001. These two males were very playful with each other and with the split-fins swimming with them (that is, us humans). They rubbed pectoral fins and sides together often. About 5 of us got into the water while we were from drift. The big boat was in search mode looking for dolphins. This encounter lasted 8 minutes. The second encounter today saw the return of our first two buddies and a third fellow (yes, a male). It seems there were about 4 other dolphins nearby because after 5 minutes we saw two adult males and a few other unidentified dolphins. One of the males was #26 (Double Point) and he swam by us quickly. The young dolphins were playing keep-away with seaweed while the adults had another agenda (we were not privy to it). A good day, even though the seas were still rough. Cheers Kathleen