Trip #2 Summary of Data Collection

We had 46 hours and 50 minutes of effort looking for dolphins, from ~4 days at sea

Still, the dolphins were our primary goal for this week and we had 18 sightings of spotted dolphins and 4 of bottlenose dolphins. Ten encounters gave us 50 minutes underwater with dolphins while 13 short encounters (less than 3 min each) provided 17 minutes of data underwater. Encounters ranged from 3 to 9 minutes in length. Our largest groups in both the spotted and bottlenose dolphins comprised twelve individuals. We were able to identify several spotted dolphins – Echo, Mia, Skippy, Little Gash, #45, #64, and a young female with half of their left fluke. And, we recognized many of the bottlenose dolphins that we saw, especially on the last sighting a couple of days ago. The seas and skies were exceptionally kind to us this week. It is much easier to sight dolphins when there are no whitecaps along the seas. Cheers Kathleen